Hammerheads and Sea Lions at Sea of Cortez

Woke up early while underway to a beautiful full moon and dramatic sunrise at the same time. Had a slight overcast and the contrast between the moonlight breaking through the clouds from the West while the sun rays pierced the same clouds from the East was a magical sight to see. 40 minutes later, after a great cup of coffee, our divemaster, Manu, explained a simple plan, “We are going to go down to about 80 feet and look at the Hammerheads, then we will come back and play with the Sea Lions.” That is exactly what we did. We were loitering around 85 feet for less than 3 minutes and found the Hammerheads. A group of about 10 juveniles observing us around 110 feet. After wathcing them for awhile we headed to shallower water. Around 30 feet, we encountered a dozen or more Seal Lions. The best part of all of this, this was dive one of four at the same dive location. The other dives delivered as well. My favorite dive day to date.

Sy Ray

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