Fun and Magical Sea of Cortez

Uriel has asked me to share about my experience snorkeling with him and I am very happy to do so!
First and foremost, Uriel made the snorkeling fun, interesting, and safe! He was warm-hearted, friendly, and compassionate, He was in the water with us the entire time, explaining sea lion behavior, free diving and playing with them, and pointing out eels, turtles, and rays.

Personally, he came and told me that I was too close to a big male sea lion and to back away as I might not be safe. As this was my first time snorkeling, I really appreciated his guidance and concern for my safety. Uriel also cleaned and bandaged a superficial wound that I somehow got.
Uriel made the day fun and magical! Thank you, Uriel!


By Nautilus Guests

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