Wonderful Sea of Cortez Adventure Trip

After two trips with Nautilus to Socorro, I decided to check out their voyage to the Sea of Cortez. It was fantastic. If you want to see sea lions, this is the trip to go on.

We spent our week onboard the Belle Amie, Nautilus’s biggest boat. While 30 divers and snorkelers on a liveaboard may seem like a lot, the crew does an amazing job keeping everything in order with nice small groups of divers with fun and knowledgeable dive guides.

Overall the diving in the Sea of Cortez was good, but the interactions with the sea lions were spectacular. Dozens of curious and highly interactive sea lions on several of the dive sites. They are just such amazing, beautiful creatures to see underwater. On one of the dive sites, you can also see some unbelievably large fields of black coral. Mid-October water temperatures ranged from 80F to 87F across the trip so be prepared to apply neoprene in layers.

We were on the itinerary that goes up north for snorkeling with whale sharks. It did not disappoint. Everyone saw at least one whale shark. Many people saw several.

I’m really delighted to have found Nautilus Expeditions. It’s a very well-run, safe operation with a really delightful crew…and great food! Thanks for another wonderful trip. I will be returning again!


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