Sea of Cortez: From Dive Trip to Life Experience

As I type this aboard the magnificent Nautilus Belle Amie in the Sea of Cortez, I force myself to dwell on the diving planned for tomorrow because otherwise I would drift, no pun intended, to the fact my amazing trip is soon to end and that saddens me; asking me if I will miss the crew and fellow divers more than the boat and diving cannot be answered as it is all intertwined…one cannot exist without the other. Seemingly more mysterious than some of the underwater creatures I met such as the Whale Sharks today is how the powers that be in this company were able to put together a cast of amazing personalities that transformed this from a “dive trip” to a “life experience” that my words alone cannot do justice.

From the hardworking folks who keep the boat (“ship” in my opinion) clean to Captain “Does It All” Ramon, I watched in amazement how everything came to be from perfect execution of safe and stunning diving to a welcoming cold drink back on deck to a gourmet meal (thanks to Chef Sevin and his assistants) with my fellow divers and finally a cocktail while sharing diving stories and life experiences before settling in for a cozy night’s sleep.

I would highly encourage any snorkeler or diver (or wanna-be diver as they will certify you here) who even briefly contemplates clicking the “Book Trip” button to not hesitate as I did for several decades; time is wasting and the water is waiting.


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