Lucky Day at San Benidicto’s Boiler.

The final day of the first trip of the season was spent at San Benidicto’s Boiler. A pinnacle that nearly, but not quite reaches the surface of the water. It was a calm day both at the surface and underwater with very little current and waves. The Boiler is not a large site and is not a cleaning site for the mantas, instead, they are thought to visit due to their curiosity of one another and us. Lucky for us this day they were all feeling social! On every dive of the day we were surrounded by mantas, mostly chevron and a few black, at some points I could count at least 6 mantas and that day we saw even more! All the divers were spread around the rock and each manta kindly took the time to visit everyone in turn! What an incredible day to get time with such a mysterious and graceful animal!

This is what Revillagigedo is all about and I am very lucky to call this place my office!

Elise – Dive Guide.

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