Manta Encounters at Socorro

manta encounters

Three trips with Nautilus in a year!

Mobulas and Orcas last June with The Galant Lady, San Ignacio 2 weeks ago and now finally made it to Socorro with Belle Amie! I know Beto and Xavier from Cocos Island 9 years ago and Yann from TGL so even before diving it really feels like a coming home experience.

All the crew worked so hard, going above and beyond to make sure every guest is taken care of.

Room was luxurious and food was so so delish. More than anything, even tho it might be the N hundredth time they see mantas and hear whale songs, the passion of the guides were so utterly infectious and moved me profoundly.

Water was colder than expected; i didn’t realize it was gonna be 4 dives a day; viz was challenging… And maybe the sea was quieter than the previous weeks that I’ve heard, but i truly still thoroughly enjoyed every single time we were in the water.

Having not one but many intimate interactions with the mantas here was life changing. Muchas gracias to the crew and to the abundance of life here that never ceased to give. thank you Nautilus for teaching me patience and an open heart since my first trip with you.

Thank you for the magic.

Miao Wang

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