Dolphin Heaven

The fifth day of our liveaboard starts with a dive at 8 am. We drive out to Punta Tosca and at the count of three we jump into the water. My buddy and myself were already surrounded by a couple of dolphins on the surface. Our group goes down and then the most magical 45 minutes of my life started. We were surrounded by around 20 – 30 very playful dolphins. they spent the whole dive with us and interacted with us. It was truly breath taking.
I think after the first dive all of us were in another world, I guess the awesome breakfast brought us back down to earth. The rest of the dives were a bouns after what happened in the morning. Unfortunately, the visibility got a bit worse, but we still saw a couple of sharks, one giant oceanic manta, hunting dolphins, a giant pacific electric ray, a hammerhead… So no complaints 🙂

This will definitely be a day I will never forget. Thanks to all of the crew to make this day and the whole trip possible.



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