Socorro: Best Diving of my Life

Genuinely one of the best days of diving of my life. Our first day in the water this trip and it didn’t disappoint. An oceanic manta came to see us on the check dive at Fondeadero (!!) followed by a really wonderful extended interaction with an enormous oceanic manta ray at El Boiler. It was really moving experience for all of us with lots of eye contact between the two species – I have never swum with an animal as big as this one! Lava flow, our first site of the afternoon, was a different experience again, with the shallows full of octopus, lobster, green turtles and moray and later some scalloped hammerheads coming to visit. But the highlight of the day was dive 4 at El Canyon, where we saw a huge number of sharks – four or five black tips circling a cleaning station and then out in the blue accompanied by a school of cottonmouths and wahoos were 5-6 hammerheads hunting in the dusk light, followed by silky sharks, white tips and galapagos sharks. It was a tornado of fish! An amazing day we all enjoyed!


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