Diving Socorro Islands Mexico

Thinking of Diving Socorro Islands Mexico?

In this life, we must go for what excites us and fills us with enthusiasm and good vibes, and for all those who are passionate about the ocean, diving into it and are in search of encounters with incredible marine life, Diving Socorro Islands Mexico is definitely a must.

Socorro, also known as the Revillagigedo Archipelago, is a remote paradise in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico. Its pristine waters host a stunning array of marine life, including sharks, manta rays, and whales. Divers are drawn to its amazing underwater seascapes, making it a bucket-list destination for divers around the world. With great visibility and thrilling encounters, Socorro promises an unforgettable diving experience filled with wonder and awe, what makes visitors to these islands become addicted and come back again and again!

In November 2023, I went on a cruise aboard the Nautilus Undersea to the Socorro Islands. It was my first time in this wonderful place, and the experience was so incredible that as soon as I returned home, I was already thinking about going back, and so I did. I booked another trip this March 2024, this time on the Nautilus Explorer, a different boat with a different crew, but the motivation, professionalism, service, food, and atmosphere on both boats were top-notch. They are a team of professionals who love their work, making vacations even better. Coupled with incredible dives, it’s an impressive cocktail.

This time, the water was a bit cooler, and encounters with hammerhead sharks were more frequent. The main actors such as dolphins, oceanic mantas, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, whitetip sharks, and silvertip sharks were very present. Even the tiger shark made an appearance. What more could we ask for?

Revillagigedo is a guaranteed destination. If you decide to visit this place (which I hope you do soon), do it with Nautilus. You won’t be spending your money; you’ll be investing it in a great experience for a lifetime.


We are off to a great start. We had an amazing day at San Benedicto Island. Right after the check dive we went to the Boiler. The dives were amazing. Lots of Mantas around the dive site all day long. With some wonderful interaction. We had Galapagos sharks around on every dive, Hammerheads and even some guest saw a Tiger shark. But the highlight of the day must have been the Dolphins. We had a pod of Dolphins around on the third dive of the day. One of Dolphins was extremely interactive and stayed around over 40 minutes. As a cherry on the cake we had Humpback Whales breaching around the ship as well.

Dive Guide Stein
Doplhin and Socorro

Today we all had a unbelievable encounter with a single dolphin who went from group to group to greet everyone to the boiler dive site. Upon entry our instructor, Stein, was just relaxing and the dolphin swam up beside him, unbeknownst to him, and mimic him as he look over our group. When the group pointed to the dolphin, it startled him and then the dolphin swam to each of the divers as if to say welcome to my home. This was in addition to encounters with four oceanic mantas at the same time, a galapagos shark, 10 resting white tip reef sharks and a silver tip shark! What a great first day of diving!

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