Exciting Dive at San Benedicto

Our first day was diving at the Canyon at San Benedicto island to visit the shark cleaning station. I was so excited to see so many sharks in one place and they did not disapoint. Our first dive brought us several close encounters with Galapagos sharks who seem to be very curious to check us out. Our dive guide Dani found a school of hammerheads that we were able to watch for a time until they swam out of visibility range. Other species of note were Silver Tip sharks and White Tip shark. During the last dive of the day as we were leaving the cleaning station and the sharks, we encountered an amazing school of Jacks that were just hanging out. In addition to these amazing underwater encounters, during one of the skiff rides back to the boat we were escorted by a pod of dolphins. We got a great view of a Humpback whale from the boat and also watched 4 Manta Rays feeding around the boat. Overall, today was an amazing first say of diving. Looking forward to the additional treasures that the Revillagigedo Archipelago brings over the next few days.

Lauren Cartwright

By Nautilus Guests

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