Madness at The Canyon

My first season as a Dive Guide in the Maldives, I was very worried about not finding the school of hammerheads. In those days, I had a great Lead DM, Fayad, who advised me: ‘Look for the line of Jack fish; behind them, you will probably find the hammers. For the rest of the pelagic, look for the food they eat.’ Today, at the Canyon, I remember him so much! We were swimming behind the line of jacks, enjoying the hammerheads, when a group of bottlenose dolphins started chasing one jack fish. They were driving the poor fish insane, making it swim in circles, ambushing it with the objective of making it vomit and then eating that vomit! Meanwhile, the hammerheads dispersed very fast, and some of them came from the depths to the reef. The whole Canyon was disturbed by the behavior of the dolphins. There were some minutes when I was a bit afraid of the reaction of the silvertips and the Galapagos sharks. They had their pectoral fins down and started circling the jacks too. Both the sharks and the dolphins were looking for their snacks. Thank you, Fayad, for your advice. I use it every day, also in Revillagigedo.


By Nautilus Crew

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