Socorro’s Friendly Dolphins

Punta Tosca dolphins had been the most unpredictable and friendly dolphins of the archipielago this season. One more time 20 bottlenose dolphins surprise us at the last lava finger of the site. We were hanging out with some super friendly huge female oceanic manta ray for about 20 minutes, and when we thought that the ocean could not give us more love on one day the whole family of dolphins show up. They were so lovely and playful. Swimming in circles around us, Inviting us to go back yo our childhood and literally play on the ground, well in this case on the sand. We realized that they enjoyed a lot using the sandy bottom to push their belly toward it and bounce. Some of them were continuosly bouncing and others were doing 180 rolls on the sand. YES, it was totally insane. I decides to enter their game and started climbing and dragging my self on the sand too. Diving in Socorro is an opportunity to get unique interactions with wildlife. Not only as an expectator but as part of it.


By Nautilus Crew

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