Belle Amie: A Gate to a New Dimension

This is my second day diving with Nautilus, in the 8 night itinerary. The crew has been very friendly and always on top of every of aspect to make our navigation comfortable: Mariela & Fernanda have been lovely, checking on us, getting every aspect around the dinning room taken care of, they even bring us drinks before and after the dives.
The ship is cute and well arranged; the food has been tasty; I have enjoyed the service and the experience but the comment wouldn’t be complete without the dives: we have seen countless sharks, Galapagos, white tip, silver tip. hammerheads; also playful dolphins, and some giiiiant mantas!! I heard they were big, but your mind won’t process the size until you see them with your own eyes, they are is breathtaking! Juan David, and Eline (my dive masters) have been absolutely phenomenal, keeping us safe and guiding us to have a better chance to have great encounters. They are very knowledge about the area, the topography, the species, and the changing current. The conditions can be challenging (not recommended for new divers) but I feel much safer, with their guidance and care.
Come to visit this beautiful corner of Mexico, to experience all these encounters by yourself

Wendy Bascom

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