Incredible Dives so Far

We are only two days into diving and already the experience has exceeded my wildest dreams. The first day, the first dive, we saw several species of sharks and one beautiful manta. Another group saw dolphins right at the beginning. It’s amazing our second dive managed to top that. We were greeted by hammerheads, quite a few of them, that were kind enough to stick with us for some time and came in close enough for those with cameras to get good photos and video. More mantas soon joined the party and it wasn’t so much swimming with them as dancing. A graceful duet between diver and manta.
Roca Partida was beautiful, a bit calm, this time around but still incredible. Lots and lots of schooling tuna, some giant wahoos and of course sleeping white tips on ledges. Some of those sleeping sharks are comical to watch — especially when you see nine or ten of them all jostling for space. We were also fortunate to spend a good amount of time with some silver tip sharks and more mantas.

I can’t wait to see what the next few days brings us. It really feels like magic happens here.

Chloe, USA

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