Roca Partida is pretty incredible!

Everyday on Nautilus comes with new adventures. You never know what to expect from your dives, and that is half the fun. One day you have the most amazing dives of your life, and the next you might not see anything. But even on the dives you don’t see the big animals, you will find fish abundant and interesting lava rock formations. Roca Partida is pretty incredible to see the chimney of a 7,000 ft volcano and there is no end in sight of sharks, manta, jacks and more! When you come upon a manta out in the wild and it gets close enough for you to see into its eyes, you feel like this huge animal is looking into your soul. On our adventure with the Nautilus crew we had the amazing opportunity to dive with a pod of over 30 dolphins, and yes, we actually did get bored of seeing white tip reef sharks just like they said we might. The crew on this boat is so down to earth and amazing, it can’t be said in words how helpful they were in every capacity. You will love their friendly greetings, delicious food, and all the extra help they give you. We had a trip of a lifetime in Socorro, and we will never forget this adventure!

Sara Mach, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Renee Sobotka, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

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