Roca Partida: Just Incredible!

Roca Partida, when you see this rock in the middle of nowhere you already know the day is going to be incredible !
Conditions are a bit more rough than in San Benedicto but the crew is managing super well.
As soon as we jumped in the water, dolphins came to say hi and stayed to play with us.
Along the wall : whitetip reef sharks sleeping in the holes, sometimes stacked on the top of each other or sharing with big lobsters.
As soon as we reached the corner exposed to more current, it all became crazy : mantas dancing together, white and silvertip sharks crossing in the blue, more mantas passing by, the dolphins again, very big tunas, school of jacks, all at the same time !
Can’t wait to see what’s going on in Socorro Island tomorrow.


By Nautilus Guests

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