Geology changes at San Benedicto Island, Socorro.  Wow!   Related to last month’s earthquake?

We discovered that a monolith 60 feet tall, impressively standing erect out of the water near the be a on the west side of San Benedicto had collards.   Nature is always changing.  Never static. Never the same.  Even rocks evolve by the strength of local elements.
And oh yeah.  The diving was really good today at the Canyon, San Benedicto : 1 chevron giant manta, lots of galapagos and  hammerhead sharks, a tiger shark and later we had the visit of about 6 to 8 dolphins that were very playful.   During lunch we moved the boat to the Boiler where our beloved  loved marine friends sensed our positive vibe and gifted us with an incredible dive. From minute 1 up to the surface 4 giant mantas interacted with all of us.   They were curious, interested, playful, dynamic, swimming in front of us, in between and on top of our bubbles during the entire dive.   
Being out here is an amazing experience.  We are so lucky!

Juan David

By Nautilus Crew

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