San Benedicto: An experience of a lifetime

What an amazing experience! The first night of the ride out to San Benedicto was rough, but the crew was beyond helpful and understanding. I would recommend bringing plenty of Dramamine. However, things calmed down greatly after the first 6 hours. Once we were anchored at the dive site, there was only a slight rocking of the boat. The kind that lulls you to sleep. On almost every dive, there were massive pelagics everywhere you look. The dives were challenging; I would not recommend this trip for beginners. We were in cold water, surrounded by blue, fighting strong currents. My dive buddy and I often joked that we earned the views and dives. But I consider it beyond worth it. I have over 100 dives and my buddy has over 1,000. Both of us have never seen this type of marine life and at this frequency. Overall, this trip has been an experience of a lifetime and I have made memories I know I will never forget.


By Nautilus Crew

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