Amazing Dive Guides at Socorro

Took a trip on Belle-Amie in mid May with these two experienced dive masters as crew. Right away I had noticed their attention to detail and humble work constantly cleaning and prepping various things on the boat. It was almost a 30 hour trip to the first island. They never waivered or acted annoyed at the constant redundant questions that passengers threw at them. When we got there the dive sight briefings were spot on. Written on a dry erase board was a detailed underwater map of currents, reef structure, cleaning stations and potential hazards such as depth and current direction. This place is wild and open. Intimidating for the first time. They were very good at guiding us in navigation, helping us feel calm around the sharks, and unknown dangers. Xavi was fantastic at getting us to the correct location to wait and pointed in a direction and a manta pulled into the grooming station to get cleaned by clarion angel fish. As we were watching 5 curious dolphins came to p
Daniel was also very impressive. The boat had an hour long manta 101 class that was informative and entertaining. He has a special passion for the manta that shows in and out of the water. Thanx for the trip of a lifetime. John Reed

John Reed

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