Anchored right at a hot spot

Location: On station with the great whites of Guadalupe Island. 

Comments: Another beautiful day on station with the great whites of Guadalupe Island. We were joined this morning by another dive boat – the Ocean Odyssey from San Diego. It’s always nice to have company out here. Mauricio Hoyes and Dr. John Kelly, 2 of our favourite shark research scientists, have been out in the inflatable with a rotating crew of guests chumming and tracking the great whites. They managed to place a telemetry tag on a 3 metre male shark today and have been tracking it ever since. This particular animal hung off the back of the Nautilus Explorer for 20 minutes after it was tagged and then went deep and has been circling around our anchorage ever since. It is absolutely fascinating to watch the track of the inflatable as Mauricio and John use their telemetry gear to stay on top of the shark. There is no doubt that we are anchored right at a “hot spot” for great whites.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Clear skies, calm winds and seas, with the air temperature in the high 70’s.

Water: Water temperature is at 70°F. Visibility virtually unlimited.

By Nautilus Staff

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