A 14.5ft female ducking & weaving all morning!

Location: On station with the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island. 

Comments: Great sharking this morning!! We are back on station with the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island and conditions could not be more different than they were on our last trip. The seas are calm and winds are light and variable. We are anchored next to the Ocean Odyssey from San Diego, California and we have both been getting lots of great (no pun intended) shark action this morning. A 14.5ft female has been especially cooperative and is ducking and weaving back and forth and all around our cages for most of the morning. She doesn’t have any tags and is remarkably free of scars or markings – I’m pretty sure that she is the great white shark known as Snow White.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Clear and calm at our anchorage at North Cove, Guadalupe Island. Air temperature high 70’s.

Water: Water temp at 70°F and the visibility is excellent – we can clearly see our anchor chain 120ft away.

By Nautilus Staff

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