Crystal clear visibility at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, anchored 75 miles out in the open ocean (west of Socorro Island), Islas Revillagigedos.

Comments: Captain Dave reports that they had a very interesting day at Roca Partida (75 miles west of Socorro Island). Surface conditions were very calm with a gentle low swell and light chop but the water temps were significantly chillier than normal at 70˚F. The really cool thing was that the currents of cold water brought crystal clear visibility with divers able to see the bottom 240 feet below them!! Divers reported the usual groups of white tip reef sharks hanging out in various caves and oblivious to divers around them. Two of the divers saw a 5-foot long silky shark hunting at very high speed with the “lunch fish” been eaten right in from of them. A Galapagos shark came in very close to the divers and the incredible visibility made it possible for them to identify one great hammerhead and two scalloped hammerheads swimming along the bottom!!

Weather: Clear skies, wind from the north at 10 knots, 3 – 4 foot seas, air temperature 77°F.

Water: Water temperature a brisk 70°F, visibility an outstanding 200 feet plus!

By Nautilus Staff

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