Variable diving conditions

Location: The Boiler and The Canyon, San Benedicto Island

Comments: It’s the last dive day of this trip and everyone is sad that it’s going to be over shortly. The diving conditions at the Canyon and the Boiler dive sites at San Benedicto Island can be highly variable and Captain Dave reports that the diving has been quieter than usual over the last couple of weeks. It’s still “very good” with large biomasses of fish, silvertip, Galapagos, silky and hammerhead sharks and, of course, our friendly giant manta rays. But for the most part, it hasn’t been the RED HOT diving that we saw earlier in the season. The good news about big animal diving in the Revillagigedos is that when it’s not hot in one place (ie. San Benedicto Island) it is almost super hot somewhere else (ie. Roca Partida). The trick is trying to figure out where the big animals are hanging out on each particular trip. Captain Dave reports seeing both juvenile and adult silvertip sharks at the Boiler this morning, as well as a couple of hammerhead sharks and one very friendly and inquisitive large black female giant manta ray.

Weather: Clear skies, sunny, light winds, calm seas at The Canyon, 4 – 5ft low swell at the Boiler, air temperature 79°F

Water: Low vis today of 60 feet, water temperature 74°F

By Nautilus Staff

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