The Boiler is on Fire with Mantas and Dolphins!

Location: The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro/Revillagigedo, Mexico

Comments: The Boiler site was on fire again! This time we heard dolphins but did not see them. The giant manta rays were with us again! Doing their beautiful dances and seeking eye to eye contact with each one of us (I believe anyways). They were so close that you can see their pupils. It feels like a real, personal, encounter in these moments. Photos and filming of mantas was hot! It is a bit amusing to see when the memory card on the scuba divers’ cameras got full and they would start to delete pictures to make room for more. Everybody came up with big smiles on their lips and everyone had their own private story how these giant manta rays have been coming up and curiously been checking you out, eye to eye. Even on our twilight dive they accompanied us like giant black flying ghosts in the dusk.

–DM Sten


Weather: Nice weather with a very low 3 foot swell

Water: Clear, blue water with excellent visibility, water temperature 78°F

By Nautilus Staff

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