Exploratory Scuba Diving, Looking for More Mantas at San Benedicto Island

Location: The Boiler and North Point, San Benedicto Island, Socorro/Revillagigedo, Mexico

Comments: Today was much calmer manta-wise than yesterday. A couple of giant manta rays passed by the scuba divers but did not come in really close. So instead, myself and divemaster Tricia spent time observing whitetip reef sharks at the cleaning stations and taking a look at the smaller critters that we did not have time with yesterday. On a day like today, with a little bit of extra current, it is important to stay close the rock to not get swept away. We decided to try a new site on the north point of San Benedicto Island and it was GREAT!! We spotted 5 mantas on the surface before anchoring, and we saw them during the dive also. We also had 3 green turtles who stayed with us. Above us on this ridge we had huge yellowfin tunas and also dolphins. So we decided to do our last scuba dive of the trip here as well. On the safety stop one of our divemasters got his thumb bitten as a goodbye present from a Cortez Chub.

–DM Sten


Weather: Nice hot weather

Water: Water temperature 77°F, visibility variable 60 – 100 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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