Humpback whale and calf sharing a safety stop with scuba divers

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico
Comments: So here we are back at Roca Partida, the volcanic plug rising up from the sea floor thousands of feet below to a small, desolate, guano-covered rock miles from anywhere. The diving here tends to be in the great-to-spectacular range, with pelagic life of all kinds drawn to the ecosystem supported by this tiny chunk of rock. The visibility and surface conditions were excellent today, and the sharks were very cooperative, with multiple sightings of silvertip, silkie, Galapagos, hammerhead, and of course whitetip reef sharks. And at the end of the second dive, a very lucky group of 5 scuba divers saw a female humpback with a calf swim by at their safety stop! This is an extremely lucky experience, and I think I can speak for the group who saw this when I say that it made their trip and won’t be soon forgotten. On a more worrisome note, we have yet to get any really good sightings or interaction with giant mantas. The guests are starting to get a little restless with the spotty manta sightings, who have been continuously skirting the edges of our dive sites, only making teasing passes at the limits of our visibility. But once again, this is the name of the game with this type of large, pelagic, migratory animal diving. It’s their terms, not ours, that dictate the experience with these beautiful animals.  Sandy
Weather: Air temperature 86 degrees with calm seas.
Water: water temperature 72 degrees, visibility 100′ +