Smooth Crossing to Our Giant Manta Scuba Diving Site at San Benedicto Island

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: We have anchored at The Canyon, our famous giant manta scuba diving site on the south end of San Benedicto Island, and launched our first dives of the February 15th – 24th trip. After another smooth crossing, we put tag lines under the boat to facilitate the first few dives (always a difficult time while the all the divers get re-familiarized with their gear and remember what it’s like to dive again!) with our skiffs on standby. Unfortunately, the wind was being a little uncooperative today, and ash from the volcanic island was blowing into the water column, hampering visibility a fair bit. Nevertheless, there were some silvertip shark sightings, and the first day went by smoothly. Also, this trip coincided with a full moon, with a lunar eclipse due in a few days, the nights are beautiful.

–DM Sandy


Weather: Air temperature 84°F, clear skies but quite windy with a low swell in the anchorage

Water: Seawater temperature 72°F, visibility 30 feet with ash and pumice in the water column

By Nautilus Staff

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