First report of the season – diving with Guadalupe great white sharks.

Location: Ensenada, Guadalupe Island, Mexico.
Well, the Nautilus Explorer arrived in Ensenada this morning precisely on schedule after a 6 day steam down the coast from Vancouver…  We set aside 4 days for a “mini-refit” in the shipyard and then we are off on our first trip to Guadalupe Island to dive with great white sharks.  I’ve been chatting with a couple of our direct but friendly competitors over the last two days.  They both start their white shark season a little earlier than we do and I was exceptionally curious to find out how the shark sightings have been.  In one word  – EXCELLENT !!!!   Yayyhhhh.   Greg on the Horizon tells me that he had some of the best “sharking” on his last trip that he has seen in his 8 seasons of staging cage diving charters out to Guadalupe Island.  Lots of males with some good unruly behaviour and 16 different great white sharks positively identified over 3 days of cage diving.  It’s always seemed to me that August and September are the best time to see the most sharks and the most energetic behaviour.  All the whiteys we see at this time of year are males and they seem to be quite ummmmm “rambunctious” when the females aren’t around.  Typical guys huh!!  The females start showing up in the latter part of September and that’s when we see the bigger animals.  The truly enormous great big honking “mama’s”   ie.  18 feet long and enough to make your heart pound and your stomach lurch into your mouth as soon as you spot one  
–   usually show up in mid-October.  We are truly and exceptionally fortunate for the privilege afforded us by the government and people of Mexico to be able to see these magnificent and amazing animals.   Captain Mike
click here to see our Guadalupe Great white shark slideshow:  
Weather: Sunny, 10 knot winds, low swell outside the harbour, temperature in the 80’s along the waterfront, 100 degrees inland…

By Nautilus Staff

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