Silvertip sharks bolting in towards us + yet another whale shark..

Location: Cabo Pearse, Punta Tosca, Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipelago
We had decided to stay around Socorro Island for having better options of more dive sites because the weather and wind would be picking up during this days. So we alternated in between Cabo Pearce first day we where accompanied by dolphins during several dives and we also had been snorkeling with them from the Nautilus Explorer. We got some good schools of hammerhead sharks and just some short visits from Giant mantas. AND we could hear the humpback whales singing for the first time this season! We seen them , but first time hearing them under water. They are here and will come more and more now for each trip we do down to Revillagigedo Archipelago.
Punta tosca made our day next day with playing giant mantas, just the way it should be they just did not leave during the dive and we had almost no current so we could be up in the water layer without getting drifted away. At the same time this  same bottle nose dolphin came in and made approach to some divers and stayed just in front of their masks, letting her getting petted. A really good day!
The third day the current was hard and after first dive in Punta Tosca we moved down to a calm relaxed dive at the Aquarium. First I would think it would be a dull scuba dive , but when on the north side of the Aquarium a little bit deeper we got 5 silvertip sharks bolting in towards some of us, first juvenile and then a full grown up one that gave a bit more respect! Wow! thats why to dive here! We also had a manta ray coming by but she did not stay for long. Good dive!
We ended up our last two dives at Cabo Pierce to have the choice to either go out on the lava finger with some more exposed water , but chance to see more pelagic or a easy quiet dive in the bay with chance to see smaller stuff and mantas. Actually if some one is interested there is the endemic Clarion Damselfish in one corner here at Socorro Island. They stay in very small colonies in just a few places around Socorro. We had a massive school of Scalloped hammerhead sharks on the outside. And sightings of mantas in the bay.
Dropping down in to the water at Roca Partida the viz was some of the dives like what they just to say like gin clear. We also had this green cold water coming up but often without that you wont have so much life. And this days boy we did! Scalloped hammerhead sharks in schools, silvertip sharks everywhere all the time, Big huge Tunas and a black friendly manta that kept us company for several dives. Bottlenose dolphins staying and laying on their backs sinking down to the bottom trying to call us down to the deep like sirens..
And the on top of that whale shark!! And NO current at all.. The Bonitos starts to gather up in to what seems to be a bigger and bigger bait ball and that has also attracted the silkie sharks, not many , but a few, what is strange is that the Galapagos sharks we saw all the time before seems like they moved on. That what makes this island interesting to dive in, it all change each time we get down here and it also change from one minute to the next. It was a perfect way to finish up this trip and when you hear divers coming up with. Wow! MY God! hey where were the humpback whales I ordered? and best dive of my life!
Divemaster Sten
Surface: Mostly sunny , easy swell, calm wind
Water: Mostly very good Viz up to easy 100ft some times, green water has always a poor viz to 30 ft. Just to stay above it. NO CURRENT!! Easy surge.

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unbelievable !! love reading stuff like this- nicely written! until my next dive its fun to live vicariously thru other peoples experiences like yours- thanks for warming my winter in Memphis, TN USA- one of these days i will see you on board

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