Swimming with a pod of false killer whales (orcas) and over one thousand yellow fin tuna – Guest blog 20 January 2010

The Boiler dive site, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Mexico
Best experience of my life, swimming with a pod of False Killer Whales….a once in a lifetime event.  The island is beautiful, the Nautilus Explorer and crew are fantastic. I wish I never had to go back on dry land. I will be back, how can you stay away?  Kat
At the boiler dive site on San Benedicto Island we had a school of a thousand plus yellow fin tuna all over one hundred pounds each. Ed
Some of us missed the false killer whales and had to make do with an awesome manta encounter in crystal clear water.  There are are few things in life more amazing than having a manta hover a few feet away and staring you in the eye.
Sten spotted a large group of false killer whales.  I never thought they would swim with me. This was a unique and rare experience for me and was one of the highlights of this enjoyable trip. martha
I’m just getting around to writing about yesterday’s dive at Roca Partida because my job as hostess on the Nautilus Explorer keeps me pretty busy!!   I love it.  This was my second dive of the trip at Roca Partida.  We dropped down to about 80 feet to two hammerhead sharks synchronized swimming side-by-side toward the group.  They were shortly followed by a couple of silver tip sharks swimming straight at us.  It seemed like a couple’s retreat.  We continued on around the rock until we found ourselves in the most enormous amount of fish happily swimming around us.  The relaxing dive ended with my first (and fairly close) encounter with a Wahoo and a school of Jacks.  This was also the first time I heard the humpback whales singing while I was scuba diving- a sure sign that humpback season is here. I’ve discovered the key to this dive site is to relax, stay in one place, and let the life come to you.
Hostess Eve

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