False Killer Whales encounter – Divemaster log – Feb. 7, 2010

It always is exciting diving in Roca Partida the further most rock of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean and 70 miles from Socorro Island because you never know what you’ll find and that make it unique.Like yesterday the breaching of humpback whales caught our attention and next to her a big pod of false killer whales,everybody had the same idea and we jumped into the skiff with our snorkel gear in search of adventure,the captain positioned the skiff in the perfect spot for us to see the animals,visibility was fantastic 100ft plus,ocean deep blue in color the sun rays penetrating into the abyss,and the false killer whales chosing to approach to us communicating between themselves with clicks and whistles that I never heard before,during that magical moment we look back and noticed we were follow by one,two,then many silky sharks maybe attracted by the vibration created by our fins that told us,it wasthe moment to go back in the skiff and come back to the Nautilus Explorer to prepare us to our third dive of the day were We saw a huge school of big yellow fin tuna but that is another story.
DM Pedro
Surface conditions: Sunny,partially cloudy sky,nice and warm ,4 to 5 ft. swells, slight wind from the North.

Dive conditions: Temp. 77F with thermocline dropping to 72F at 90ft ,current medium to strong coming from the North,visibility 70ft.

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