We just jumped in the water and 3 humpback whales were waiting for us — it was something mystic. Guest Blog – 07 February 2010

The Canyon and the Boiler dive sites, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos
Well, just another day in diving paradise! I’ve been on many liveaboard diving adventures all over the world and those who have done likewise will agree that It’s not every day that you can more or less guarantee swimming with a giant Manta ray, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales or a pod of dolphins. Well, that was before I had the privilege of diving on the Nautilus Explorer just off the Socorro Island.
This is a must for serious divers.
Miles Brough
Partis de La Paz mercredi dernier, nous (nous = 10 frenchies amoureux des voyages plongees) avons navigue pendant une journee entiere avant d arriver a San Benedicto. Premier jour de plongee de «readaptation» sous le bateau avec des requins marteau dans le bleu (oui DES requins), des mantas geantes qui nous tournent autour pour jouer avec nos bulles. Deuxieme jour, meme bebetes avec en prime des dauphins qui nous attendent au pallier. Troisieme jour, tout pareil avec des baleines a bosse qui soufflent au loin. Nous sommes actuellement a Roca Partida, un caillou au milieu de nulle part ceinture de bancs de thons, de carangues, de pointes blanches a gogo et de requins marteau. Outre les plongees formidables, le bateau est parfait pour la croisiere, l equipage genial et adorablement attentionne, nous avons meme une guide quebecoise rien que pour nous pour nous traduire les briefings. Ah et n oublions pas le plus important pour les francais : la bouffe et le cafe sont delicieux !
Day 2 of Socorro trip on Nautilus Explorer and I am getting the hang of it. Four San Benedicto dives today – first a very mellow visit to the Canyon, left the camera behind for a little break.  The current was down and the diving easy & beautiful, with a visiting giant manta surrounded by four or five happy scuba divers.  Then first dive on the Boiler with Neal, and a second one with divemaster Jessie – Team Force Fin! Current back up back at the Canyon on the fourth dive, and a flaky scuba regulator sent me up early.  But I am jealous of the Barcelona group, who jumped in on three humpback whales s alongside the boat on our first Boiler dive.  Must go, time for dinner (eat, sleep, dive ya know…)
Sharron Sussman
En dos palabras IM PRESIONANTE, we just jumped in to the water and 3 humpback whales were there waiting for us.  It was something mystic, The humpback whale with its baby playing around and the companion just behind them.  Now how afortunated I was, I just still can  ot believe it. It was the best celebration for my 200 dive.  If you google happy, you would get my picture back …………. oh!!!!!!!! that was in The Boiler.
Esther Salvatierra.

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