A fantastic trip comes to a close but only after seeing Giant Mantas, Hammerhead Sharks , Yellowfin Tuna, White and Silver Tip Sharks and Humpback Whales – Guest Blog – March 10/10

March 10, 2010.  Today is the last day of the cruise, we’re a little sad because it’s finished, but not too much as it was fantastic : Giant Mantas, Hammerhead Sharks , Yellowfin Tuna, White and Silver Tip Sharks, Humpback Whales (on surface, only). That’s for the fishes, I haven’t mentioned the crew, very efficient and discreet and a special thought for the cook as we French’s can be choosy. Big kisses to Ashley, and Kate, that we all of the french’s men want to marry, even the already married …To be renewed, without a doubt, in Soccoro’s, or somewhere else in Pacific. To be precise : this was written after aperitifs. French predators are not French doctors.
Pour les femmes, Catou rale, ses hormones sont a plat. Ici, de jolies filles vous apportent a boire sur un plateau, mais on a plus de mal a faire faire de meme aux garcons.
Dave: I have never seen Manta.  A year ago I started writing a bucket list and have a few dreams to check off.  One of these was to swim with Giant Manta .  I pictured this happening pehaps seeing a Giant Manta in passing on a dive somewhere.  Never did I dare dream that i would have a Manta play with me an d seek out my attention for 40 minutes, an entire dive.  The Boiler at San Benedicto really made the trip for me.  Incredible visibility and an experience of interacting with Manta Rays that I will be talking about for the rest if my life.
Peter:  please can I come back on the Nautilus Explorer.  Is there a last minute call list i can get on for last minute cancellations.  I took about 4000 photos this week.  I need 4000 more.  There is so much variety here.  And I just can’t get enough of the Manta Rays.  Also I need a close up of a Hammerhead Shark.  I got one from 20 feet away.  Now I need one 10 feet away.  Or 5 feet!  At San Bendicto’s Canyon it could be done.

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