Guests dance the "Samba" after Socorro Island Giant Manta Ray encounter – divemaster log March 25, 2010.

This is our third day of diving on this trip, and the weather has been great since leaving Cabo San Lucas. It is good to see old faces back with us again. The first day of diving at San Benedicto Island, at the dive site “the Canyon” the scalloped hammerhead shark came to the date and so close that even with the poor visibility (10 ft), we were able to see them. Water temp great, 76 +/-1F, if you wear a 5mm full suit with hood no problem. Current was mild. Next day visibility improve a lot, 40+ feet at the “boiler” and made our Brazilian guests dance Samba after seeing our magnificent giant Manta Ray dancing around them. They told me they never saw one even they tried about 13 times to see them in a place called Laje de Santos, Brazil, with reputation of manta encounters. It was great to see their big smiles from ear to ear.
Roca Partida, my favorite place where the shark fanatic can make their dreams come true, were in 30 minutes bottom time you can see scalloped hammerheads, galapagos, silkies, white tip reef sharks. That is what happened today, not to mention the playful dolphins that greeted the vessel on arrival and waited patiently for us to get in the water to play with all the divers, and the powerful 100lb++ yellowfin tuna hunting. Visibility great 70ft plus, temp 77F with no thermocline above 100ft. A great day, sunny with light breeze from the North that refreshed our noon day. A fantastic day and of course, tonight for those who still have the energy we will learn how to dance Samba with our Brazilian friends, what a day!  Don’t get jealous, get onboard!
Hasta la vista,
Divemaster Pedro
Surface conditions: swell mild to moderate, winds light (5-15kts max), skies mostly clear, air temp 74-78F.
Diving conditions: water temp 76F, current mild to moderate, visibility 40-70ft+
A note from Captain Mike:
Mother Ocean gives us an enormous amount but she also takes away. Our 2009/2010 season on the Nautilus Explorer had been our most outstanding Socorro diving ever including more sharks than before and rapidly evolving amazing interaction with bottlenoise dolphins as well as the regular cast of characters.
We’ve logged the experiences online.  Our guests have written blog entries about it. Our “fan” base on facebook is fantastic.  And then we had your trip of last week with much lower visibility than normal, less animals than normal and some pretty tough weather.   For the first time in a long time, we are only able to offer 1 day of diving at Roca Partida.  Yes it’s Mother Ocean but we still feel really badly for everyone onboard.  Accordingly, we would like to extend to those who were onboard our March 13 trip, a $750 credit  towards any future Nautilus booking of your choice. That’s our way of saying that it’s not fair that you were on the only “less than excellent diving” Socorro trip this season and we hope this will help make up for that.
Captain Mike

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