Diveguide Sten speaks candidly about diving Socorro + guest logs in spanish and english – April 10, 2010

After my time diving and guiding here on the Island of Socorro and the Revillagigedos. It is now my 5th season and my trip number 54 down here. I skipped my work in palau to come back to Socorro. It is not easy diving and getting in to big animals are not easy. It takes patience. As a guide it gets sometimes a bit frustrating. Big animals are often careful, and you have to read current, water temperature, fishlife and look around and UP! I see often scuba divers being far to much speeding around , going deep for no use wasting their bottom time and air for no reason, and with jerky fast movements making big animals move on or not approach. Chasing animals does not work either. I use to compare it if you want to see a deer in the forest it does not help if you are running like a crazy breaking branches and scream at the same time… The same in big animal diving. Go slow, look around, if it is sharks and especially hammerheads ..hide , giant mantas let them come to you, stay as shallow as you can. Over and over again I see divers swimming fast away from me when I got a animal just in front of my nose and then divers comes up and say they did not see anything. I wished sometimes that people used us guides a bit more and followed us instead of running away from us. My time as a shephard is over with following divers My work is to go go where I beleive I find the animals and hope that our divers will trust me and look where I am looking;)
So yes we have schools of 100 hammerhead sharks here at Socorro, we just have to find the hot spot!
So we are back with two nice days with calm seas finishing up at Roca Partida. We got a few repeaters who has been come to be Roca Partida Junkies. I am admitting I am one..
Each dive each dive is different. And learn to searching of this special spot where current, temperature and fish life makes a certain spot hot. And when it is hot….WOW!! This time we managed to get on the spot a few times and in a time we got in just in a massive wall of hammerhead sharks, 100 and more, just turning up from nowhere and as well we have been taken by surprise they are gone again. We have some massive Galapagos and not afraid at all, i whispered them in and a few time s it got enough excitments and stopped when they got to close. Interesting to see yellow fin tunas following Galapagos sharks and strike them self against the shark. Why do they do that? Is it a defense or to scratch parasites of them. Seen them do the same against the great White shark when we operate in Guadalupe Island.
The beautiful silver tip shark was there as well. Great two days diving at the rock. We could see a few humpbacks and hear a few, but not that many as last trip. We had one pass by a manta, it did not want to stay and play.
After last dive we started to go up north back to Cabo San Lucas. We are having a calm trip going up north, charing pictures and sleeping , reading books amd a few films and talking before we get back to Cabo San Lucas. No wish to go there..after days like this at sea. Diveguide Sten
Surface conditions: Long medium swell, did not bother much our loading of divers. 30C and mostly sunny

Underwater condition: almost no current at all, almost to calm under water. 24-25 C 75-77F Viz between 50 and 60 feet and up to 100 foot on the best dives.
Guest logs….
Perfect day of diving at Roca Partida! Four dives each one as exciting as the others. More sea life than one can comprehend at one time. Delicious yellowfin tuna, hammerheads, Galapagos, whitetip sharks and a supporting cast of thousands. The boat is wonderful and they give us cookies after every dive, what a perfect slice of life!!
Wow! What a day at Roca Partida. The Hammers were out in force today. We also had a few encounters with Wahoo. jodi
Excellent day, super visibility, and several cool shark encounters with Hammers, Galapagos, and the white-tips stacked on top of each other on their balconys. Huge schools and highways of massive fish – Wahoo, Tuna, Jacks, etc. Wasn’t totally over the top for us, but Sven and the Italians claim to have seen a wall of 100 maybe 200 hammerheads at the end of the 3rd dive (when unfortunately we had to surface due to empty tanks)… Too much fun!!
Un dia lleno de tiburones, emociones, profundidad y mucho buceo no paramos de asombrarnos de ser invitados por Galapagos, Silkies, Hammer a una fiesta de excitacion y excelentes fotografias.
Susana B.

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