Hostess Kate Chucks it all to Jump in the Water – Crew and Guest Blog – 13 DEC 2010 – Roca Partida, Socorro Island

What a day! I’ve been to Socorro Island numerous times, but never during the early season. I never would have thought it could be so different! Today was our first day of diving at Roca Partida, my favorite dive site in the world (so far). Upon leaving San Benidicto and having no luck seeing Mantas, the guests were asking me what Roca is like and why I loved it so much. Roca Partida is magical. That’s really the only way I can describe it. It’s not much to look at (literally a rock in the middle of nowhere) from above, but I have had the best luck and most amazing dives here. I’ve been diving nose to nose with dolphins for 15+ minutes, swam with turtles, seen schools of hammerhead sharks, seen a manta or two…

After the second dive today, I was bringing drinks out to the first divers back, and one diver very casually said he swam with a whale shark. I thought he was kidding. I have never seen a whale shark. They have been my ‘unicorn’ for some time now. I’ve narrowly missed them on several occasions, so I was ecstatic! I asked Steve, one of the guests, to hold the tray because I’m getting in! (I didn’t really. I had to wait until dive #4 during my break).
My break rolled around and I suited up in no time. I started my dive with 5 silver tips surrounding me, was amazed by an octopus who changed 3 different colors on the wall, and saw a massive school of jacks and tuna. I refused to leave without seeing a whale shark, but after hanging out at my safety stop for 10 minutes with my psi dwindling, I had to surrender.
No unicorn. You can’t win them all, but you better believe I will be diving tomorrow.
Still in love with Roca,
Hostess Kate

Leider geht unsere Tour langsam zu Ende. Die 8 Tage sind verflogen….Wir werden sie vermissen, die Hammerhaie, die Galapagos- und Riffhaie, die Walhaie, die Mantas, Delphine…..usw. Unsere Erwartungen sind erfuellt, wir sind sehr gluecklich hier gewesen zu sein!! Die Crew ist fantastisch! Ein eingespieltes junges Team, toller Ablauf von morgens bis abends!! Unsere Mitreisenden sind alles super nette Leute, hier haetten wir noch einige Wochen mehr machen koennen….
Reinhard und Martina
This was an outstanding trip — everything I expected and more.  I had hoped to see a  giant Manta or two, and ended up seeing several on every dive.  Plus, the number and variety of sharks was incredible.  The boat was comfortable and the crew made the trip complete with their outstanding service and food.  Great trip to Socorro — I recommend it to everybody.
Tom Watters
St. Louis, Missouri
Another great week aboard the Nautilus Explorer is coming to an end.  The diving was fantastic, the crew exceptional. I promised myself that I won’t get emotional about leaving, so far it looks like it won’t happen.  Great diving but even better, new friends.  The last two days of  diving were just outstanding, if you didn’t see a Manta Ray or played with one, you weren’t in the water.  While at Punta Tusca we had at least 3 to 4 Manta’s per dive.  The diving at Socorro is just out of this world.  Want to give special thanks to Team Christine, she was like my personal dive master for the trip.  She showed and found a lot of great fish for me and others as well. Don’t want to leave but all good things must come to an end.  Thank you once again Explorer staff and crew.
Paul Anest
McHenry, IL.

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