Best big animal encounters of the trip with a huge school of hammerheads circling in very close to our divers – Captain's Log – 21 JAN 2011

We have just wrapped our last day of diving for this trip to the incomparable Socorro Islands. I think the hardest part of this trip for me will be in about 10 minutes when I attempt to move our guests from the hottub, where I can currently hear a beautiful symphony of untrained voices with a beer buzz singing along to ‘Sweet home Alabama’ and the clinking of glasses, down to the dining room where Chef Enrique is waiting with his mouth-watering steak, baked potatoes and other fixins’. We have spent the last two days diving at the island of Socorro, the largest of the three islands commonly and collectively known as the Socorro Islands. Yesterday offered some of the best big animal encounters of the trip with a huge school of hammerheads circling in very close to our group of divers, some great bottlenose dolphin interaction as well as the Giant Manta Ray dance that divers have come to expect from these islands. Several of the Giant Mantas were present on all the dives gliding effortlessly amongst our awed guests.
We spent today at another great site that we started diving years ago and is best known for dolphin and manta ray interaction.  Today was no exception, and despite the poor visibility we enjoyed some great encounters with both animals. For around 45 minutes during breakfast time most of us hopped in to spend our surface interval snorkeling with a pod of about 12 dolphins, who danced all around us, diving deep before leaping out of the water in their typical playful manner. A great end to a great trip, beautiful weather, beautiful diving and beautiful guests!
Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: light winds, seas mostly calm, skies mostly clear, air temp 25C (77F)
Diving conditions: visibility at Cabo Pearce 60-70ft(18-21m) Punta Tosca 30-40ft (10-13m)  Water temp 24C (75F), current mild

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