Guest blog – the manta dove straight at me and I rolled backwards in surprise – Socorro Island – 04 MAR 2011

Steve and Bud and Juan was our divemaster and towards the end of our dive we saw a giant manta and it played with us for about twenty minutes. When we separated, the manta would go to one of us. At one point, when it was coming to me, the manta ray dove straight at me and I rolled backwards because I was startled. . When we headed back towards the Nautilus Explorer it continued to follow us half-way there.. It was a truly fantastic day!
– Steve and Bud from New Jersey
Today I saw lots of sharks, giant mantas, moray eels, lobsters and fish. It was a very good day.
– Maury do Brasil
Today I saw three or four giant mantas at the Boiler. And then I saw yet another  manta again while snorkeling and they were great!!  I also saw four black tip sharks that were sleeping on the sand at about 20 metres. I video taped them but they did not wake up.  It was an excellent day!!
– Luciano do Brasil
Now I  know why so many divers travel so far from all over the world to come to Socorro Island!
– Guilherme do Brasil
We saw a  humpback whale while in the water, it was one of the most incredible things that have ever happened to me, such a large and gentle animal.
– Mario do Brasil

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