Guest blog –today the manta didn’t go away – socorro island – 04 mar 2011


Today the manta didn’t go away. We went up and the manta followed us up to the cable. I think she would have liked to come home with us. What an annoying day.
– Guilherme do Brazil


We jumped into the water in hope to see a manta. Not even five minutes later a large manta, maybe 16 feet long, swam right up to me. I was so stunned. I just stopped moving and floated with my arms spread out. The manta and I looked each other and I was surprised at how funny they look with their eyes spread so far apart on either side of the head. I could see the ridges on the manta’s black and white body and then it turned and swam away from me and made a slow circle around the group. Much to my surprise, it came back again. It was always my dream to see a manta ray underwater and now I have!!  Upon reaching the surface, Humberto and I could not stop yelling and giving each other high fives!  It was an awesome day.
– Chris from Canada


Mantas, some silky sharks, and the song of the humpback!
My first zodiac ride was really cool.  It is a lot easier to get off the zodiac in full scuba gear than to get on…  Any how, I spotted two silky sharks during the dive.  Exciting stuff!
-Richard from New Jersey


3 mantas overhead almost in reaching distance.  They appeared one after another, swooping overhead.  We were looking at an octopus when they showed up in perfect form.  I didn’t have my camera but was glad because I might have missed this wonderful experience.

– Ed from Maryland

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