Tigershark at Punta Tosca!! SOCORRO ISLAND MARCH 14 2011

Tigershark at Punta Tosca!!
We left Roca Partida after 2 days decent diving though the visibility has not been the greatest to be telling the truth. I thought Socorro would be really stirred up, but was actually decent. Some of us had the luck to get a pass by a tigershark and a 4-5 dolphins stayed a few loops around us the song of the humpbacks was really strong and two divers had the luck again to see them. Mantas made fly-bys but did not really trust on us yet. I think we will get them tomorrow. The whaling that we did with our zoodiacs had some beautiful sights from breachings and tail lobbing. We went in snorkelling with curious bottlenose dolphins. For the second round just 10 min before going we had humpback whales all around the boat as close a just a few feet from the stern and when we where going out we spotted just one sleeping lonely grown up whale. It is interesting how at one moment the sea is boiling of whales and then it is almost as a desert! We ended up on a meditation dive at the aquarium and lay in the water and listened at whale song and finished the day with a sunset cruise watching the green light on the setting sun.
CONDITIONS: Wind 0 – 10 knots on the surface.  Waves at the outside dive sites but none in the bays.  Water vis was 10- 15 meters.  Water temp was warm today 24C (72F).  Little to no current and swell.
Diveguide Sten

Sun and light wind today at Socorro Island. I started my day whale watching with a small group of four in an inflatable.  We were first greated by pacific common dolphins who came right up to us.  When the swimmers entered the water the dolphins became playfull.  Some jumping clear out of the water a good 2m.  After the friendly swim we watched humpback whales breaching over and over from a safe distance (but still close enough to be very impressive). It was a great start to a terrific day. The Pacific was very much alive.
1st Mate, Waldie

Photo by Gabriela Meier Dolphin at Socorro

The swimming with dolphins and seeing whales breach was as good as any great dive.

I have been away from socorro for over a month and today at Punta Tosca on the very first dive at 30m there was a tiger shark waiting to give me a welcome greating, after that we work our way back to shallower waters and a small hammerhead came starigth to us as close as 6m. So far the most amazing thing has been that mother and calf that came close to us on the first dive on the first day, I knew then this was a great trip all ready.
DM, Joel

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