Captain and guest blog – Along with some lively action on the surface was some equally live action below with sharks of all kinds lurking about – Roca partida – 17 Mar 2011


Roca Partida woke up this afternoon!  Along with some lively action on the surface was some equally live action below with sharks of all kinds lurking about.  Duskies, Silkies, Galapagos, White tips, Silver tips and Hammerheads were converging on the Rock today in a shark convention it seemed.  While the Nautilus held fast in a building sea and the crew scrambled in and out of the dive boats grabbing gear and dodging cresting waves, the divers were treated to a exhilarating experience that added to the days excitement.  As one diver said "As I descended I almost sat on the shark like a rodeo rider as it swam by!"  It was an awesome 2 days at Roca Partida with breaching whales, calling frigates and boobies, the most amazing sunrises and sunsets, and wonderful company.  Boats now safely loaded and ship secure for sea we will hoist the anchor and sail for Socorro, seeking new adventures and great diving.
Captain Kevin

Roca Partida zeigt seine Zaehne. Und nicht nur mit den Haien!
Stroemung links, rechts, oben und runter, da fuehlt man sich ja wie in der Waschmachine. Am Felsen langrobben, und warten scheint die beste Methode zum Haischauen zu sein. Nach ein paar Minuten, kommt dann auch die Belohnung. Ein gutes Dutzend von den vielgeruehmten Glapagoshaien haben ihren Auftritt. Einer quetscht sich zwichen mir und den Felsen keinen Meter entfernt. Den grossen Jacks in der Stroemung ist das eh alles egal, aber mein Herzschlag macht auf jeden Fall einen Sprung. So ein Kaltblueter zu sein hat halt auch seine Vorteile (Vor allen bein 22 Grad Wasser Temperatur).
Jens, NYC

We saw 3 silver tip and 3 Galapagos sharks just after the divemaster left us. It was nice!
Volker and Jens. Konstanz and New York,

Another amazing day aboard the Nautilus Explorer, we left San Benidicto Islands with the hopes of good weather for Roca Partida, and we got it. The visibility was not so good due to some cold currents moving through the area, but along with those came the hammerheads. Today was the first time i have seen a Hammerhead shark and only about 10 to 15 feet away. Life is good!
Chief Engineer Cody

When we arrived at Roca Partida the weather was beautiful,  took some divers out on the skiff and before they jumped in we saw two humbacks breach the water 6 times it was amazing and then finished the night with a sunset that ended with a green flash!! can`t get that back home in rainy vancouver!
Deckhand Robbie

Wow, was fuer Tauchgaenge an diesem Spot. Ganz schoen anstrengend … Aber es lohnt sich!
Neben den vielen Jungen Whitetips in den Felsspalten (immer wieder kam einer zum Patrollieren  raus) wurden wir mit Silvertips und mehreren Galaspagos-Haien belohnt. Andere Felsspalten sind von Trompetenfischen oder Moraenen bevoelkert. Und zwischen den Tauchgaengen immer wieder Wale, die wir von der Nautilus Explorer beobachten koennen -:)
Tanja, Germany

4 dives at Roca, 2 days in a row!!!!  It was so great!  Everyone wants to see sharks but I loved seeing the huge schools of fish in the blue water.  Now time for dinner and bed!!!
Margarit, Switzerland

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