my best dive in my life! los ilotes – march 22, 2011

Great Day! Saw a lot of playful sealions trying to bite in our suits, masks, cameras, imitating our bubbles and being childish clinging to our legs. Also some nice jawfish big groupers and so on. The water was quite cold but playing with mammals is totally different from interaction with fish, so it was worth every second of shivering 😉

Annette and Birte from Germany

Sea of Cortez, at this time of the year is full of surprises, like 17C water and low visibility. Nevertheless it is a great feeling going back to the place where I have done most of my diving and watching supersize groupers and a huge schools of sardines. There were so many sardines that the layer from the surface to the rocks was used by the fish as shelter, whenever a sealion passed through the sardine it level a tunnel of fish behind, the pups where so playful that we were having a hard time to keep our hoods on our heads and our fins on our feet. going back 7 years to the same place (Los Islotes) there was not so much fish that’s when it was legal to fish or recollect, is amazing how this place is coming back in not even 10 year thanks all for the big effort.
My best dive in my life!
Falco coming up from last dive at Los Islotes.

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I did this in October when the water was warm and clear. IT was the amazing…right up there with the Socorro islands trip! Wonderful expereience!!!!! Glad you go to do this!

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