Divemaster Blog – Found a good spot for seeing whales in the water.

We had some nice dives with mantas today 4 different individuals and curious ones as well. The visibility was a bit low and the current picked up so after two dives we moved Nautilus Explorer in to an other area that is full of whales. Viz was much better. During the diving we did not get in to the big animals, but a really good place to see the whales.

We started to work out a technique that allowed us, in a nice and quiet way watching them passing by on just a few meters distance. Seeing a a whale under water is really impressive! We also worked with singers because in this area they where singing a lot! And it is actually possible to locate the direction of a whale with a bit of training. We got very close to one today, but just saw him at the surface.

It is said that it is only the males that are singing , normally they stay fixed at one place with its head down when it sings. But we also see them singing when they are escorting a mother and calf. The sound is impressive and when you are close as we are the vibration of the whale feels in your body and chest!!
Surface conditions windy and Sunny. 25 C
Underwater conditions 22-24 C 70-74 F Viz from 10 m first site, 20 m second site. 30-65 ft.
Sten Johansson

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