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Non stop mantas at the closest cleaning station full with Clarion Angelfish at 5m depth and no current!
Sten / Sweden , Offerdal

Volker Matthes1

Photo by Volker Matthes

Again Mantas, silver tip sharks and while waiting for bigger things to come even nudibranches! On the first dive during the safety stop coming up the unbelievable happened Birte saw a humpback whale just crossing the ridge we dove before underneath her !!!  Waiting probably for everybody to disappear to sneak into the bay were some other people of the group saw her with her calf plus a huge great hammerhead and dolphins. What a spoiled dive-is there more to come?


Photo by Gabriela

On the third dive again a group of five dolphins playing with us, myself spinning around like crazy-doing dolphin animation feeling totally drunk afterwards because our ears are not made for spinning around. But for a moment looking into the eye of one of the dolphins really close you feel a little bit like finally a part of the element ocean and not anymore a stranger. Too philosophic or just to much  nitrogen 😉
Annette and Birte from Germany

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