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How was your day?
Two lovely dives today.  Sort of like a walk in a park.


Every thing was great. The dives, the boat, the food and especially the crew.
Marianne, from Switzerland.


How was your day?
Galapagos sharks, white tips, a couple of hammers. Many octopi out and about. Nudibranchs on the wall for the macro photographers. Evening snorkel with the Silkies.  Jacks slammed in where the water was lit to feed. Touched the Silkies. They were soft, like…silk? Who’d have thought!
Bradley, Santa Cruz, CA, USA.


How was your day?
Swimming summersaults with Sea Lions in the Sea of Cortez was simply wonderful. The huge whale shark was the fulfillment of my own personal diving holy grail. All around a wonderful trip and wish it were not ending.
Guest on Board May 14th 2011


All Images taken by Guest Mikko Varpiola copyright 2011.

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