Captain’s Log – Socorro Island, Baja California, Mexico–May 29, 2011

After two great days of shark encounters at Roca Partida we traveled overnight last night 65 nautical miles to the largest of the Islas Revillagigedo, Socorro Island. Arriving here early this morning our first stop was the navy base at the south end of the island, where each trip we are boarded by the Mexican navy for a routine inspection to ensure all our paperwork is in order. After the inspection we headed to the west side of the island to our first divesite, Punta Tosca.

Weather conditions were great today as we anchored in the large sheltered bay created by the lava flow that is Pta Tosca. The water was a deep blue with great visibility as we jumped in for our first dive. Before long the first Giant Manta showed up, obviously in need of some human lovin’ as she circled in close visiting all the divers, giving everyone lots of attention. Then the second Manta arrived and it was manta heaven with some amazing interaction with the beautiful blue backdrop of the Pacific. Now, after a great dinner by chef Juan Carlos, we are just getting ready to jump in for our weekly silky snorkel. After dark is when we slip into the water off the stern to enjoy some adrenaline inducing and very close-up shark encounters and snorkelling as the 5-6 ft silkies zip around us. Tomorrow we’re heading to the east side of Socorro in search of more great Manta interaction and who knows what else! Remember there is still time to get in on some of this Manta lovin’ with us on our expedition departing June 22nd. Email us!

Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: Air temp 22-29C, winds light, skies mostly sunny with clouds in the morning and evening.
Diving conditions: Water temp 24C, visibility 15-25m, current slack to moderate

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Hi Captain Gordon!
Remember me (the crazy one)? 🙂 Glad to hear that things are still well on the Nautilus! Hoping to schedule a trip with the Great Whites late summer/early fall!! I’m pretty sure you have the greatest job ever!!
Take Care,

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