The great white sharks came straight toward me, a foot away, just watching his mouth open as big as possible!!!!!  Guadalupe, Baja October 2011

Alex H again J, in answer to the question above, I honestly didn’t think we could have topped yesterday, but when an aggressive male white shark decides to nudge your cage it becomes a whole new ball game. Again I was with Fred and Ryan, this time we were joined by Nick and we all agreed it was the most intense experience of the trip so far. It circled us a couple of times before first going for the two man cage, then as it circled around it made a beeline for us, however instead of going under it went over which took us by surprise as it nudged the top of our cage!!! Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. No bones about it, these guys are top TOP predators, I’m just so happy and privileged to have spent time in the water with them, and to see what I saw today. well it will stay with me forever. Very choppy on occasion today but again, awesome sharks and awesome experience. Special thanks to the crew as despite the weather conditions being windy and choppy the dives still ran as smooth as ever. great job guys!!!!
I am back from vacation and I thought that the sharks would not miss me but for some reason it seem like that they really want me for more than a friend I was on the 4 persons cage on the first day diving they just couldn’t leave the cage as I told the guest that I am the great white bait they didn’t believe the second day on the afternoon dive there were 3 Great white shark just waiting for me to go down as I on top of the cage the shark started to come around the cage just watching me and my moves I was also watching them to as one brave one just couldn’t resist but to try to have me as I lay down on the top of the cage he just couldn’t make up his mind but finally he came straight toward me I didn’t panic as he got about a foot away just watching his mouth as he open it as big as possible as he tried couple time and he just sped off and continue to surround the cage the was a blast for me can’t wait to see what are their action tomorrow are you got to come and check it out yourself I can’t explain it as if you would do it
Juan The Only One
After a slow morning, the shark action quickly picked up. Some coming very close to the surface to remind us the waters are not safe for swimming. And that below the surface was the place to be. For the rest of the day divers were climbing out of the cages with huge smiles, big high fives, and awesome pictures to prove that they survived an encounter with one of natures’ most powerful and awesome super predators! Just another day at the office!

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