it felt like we were living in a Jurassic Park on the Nautilus Explorer. Nov.7, 2011- ISLAS SAN BENITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO

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It didn’t suck!
As we leave for Isla de Guadalupe, these are my reflections on the first half of the trip: the islands of San Benitos rise from sea as barren mountains, white in places from accruing guano, haven for sealions as they sun themselves and rest from play in the ocean. On board the Nautlius Explorer you can sense that these islands have existed this way for millions of years untouched by human hand, were it not for the few fisherman, though unobserved save for a handful of lobster pots, eking out their existence on these rocks. Indeed, with the barking of the sealions at night, it does not require too much of a stretch of the imagination to feel like you were living in a Jurassic Park. Below the waves the barrenness is belied by the beauty beneath: green glades amongst dense fronds of long kelp, illuminated with a soft light of the sun glowing through their leaves; playful pups performing for the divers and their cameras, relegating rays and horn sharks to second place; and crayfish in crevices keeping safe in the dark.
– dwl
We left on a 10 days trip, so we started our journey it was so calm it look like a lake just as we reach about midnight we rest at a nice calm place at San Benitos. We move to our first check out dive not too far from where we stayed for the night as everyone was ready to go diving just on the surface the sea lion just jumping and showing us there tail as to say hello or welcome we just had a wonderful dive we saw horn shark lobsters , sea lion ,and beautiful kelp just as the sun rise it look like a forest. We did 3 days at San Benitos and one at Cedros were we had one of the best encounter with the sea lion and it was only 10 ft. deep as we did our surface interval. We went on the zodiac to check out the Elephant seals as they lay on the beach after that we head to Guadalupe to see the real creatures Great White sharks. The sun was hot and calm as we started our encounter with the sharks as they were just waiting for us we had some real show with us and the trip is not over yet so you got to see it for yourself its real anyway keep you posted.
Dm Juan  Surface conditions: air temp 25-27C daytime, 20-21C night, wind and seas calm in the anchorage
Diving conditions: water temp 19.5C (67F), visibility 100 ft plus

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