Our last Socorro dive for today was brilliant. I cannot find words because it was so special. SOCORRO ISLAND, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO.

Hello, my name is Rene van Otterdijk from Holland. Today was great – every dive is okay but today our last Socorro dive for today was brilliant. I can not find words because it was so special – the interaction with dolphins 50 centimeters from them and we are rolling clicking and that sure for 5 minutes long. Also the dolphin was rolling on her back and clapping with her fins. I filmed it and other divers right beside. Everything is good; the boat, the crew, the dives, the whole atmosphere is brilliant. We have a mixture from dutch, german, swiss, England, america and spain. Very nice holiday and we have still more days to go. I do dive now for twenty years but this was great and is great.

By Nautilus Staff

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