The Boiler at San Benedicto featured loads of great manta interaction or manta loving' as we like to call it with a least 5 giant mantas. San Benedicto, Socorro Island, Mexico.

Today was our final day of diving for this Socorro Expedition and for our grand finale we spent the day at the infamous Boiler. The Boiler is a submerged pinnacle on the north west side of Isla San Benedicto and is famous for it’s Giant Pacific Manta Rays and the incredible interaction that divers can have with the mantas there. What sets the Boiler apart from some of our other great Manta dives here at the Socorro islands is the beautiful clear blue water that we usually experience there. Today was a textbook example of why we love the Boiler. The airs were light and seas calm as we dropped anchor just as the sun was rising this morning around 0630. Several dolphins could be seen at the surface around the pinnacle. A large splash signalled a breaching manta as we were eating our first breakfast of the day. On the very first dive of the day we had 5 giant mantas with us and they didn’t go anywhere for the rest of the day. The following 3 dives featured loads of great manta interaction, or manta lovin’ as we like to call it, with at least 5 individual mantas. The water today was typical Boiler, clear and blue with visibility of around 80 ft and a temperature of around 74F. A beautiful day and a great way to end the diving this week. We are currently north bound for Cabo San Lucas and enjoying a very comfortable ride over a calm sea.
Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: light winds with a calm sea (about 1m wave ht), air temp 78F, sky mostly clear.
Water conditions: visibility 80 ft, water temp 74F, moderate current.

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